Manhattan Cruise Terminal Transportation

GO Safely with Us to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

Cruise Ship Transportation

Book transportation between Long Island and Manhattan Cruise Terminal

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal, originally called the Passenger Ship Terminal, is now the fourth busiest cruise terminal in the United States. An estimated 1 million passengers use the port yearly. The easiest way to get there is to plan ahead with a chauffeured car service. Why drive or pay for expensive long term cruise parking when a cruise port transfer service is available.

Kick off your vacation the right way with our luxurious Manhattan cruise terminal transportation offerings. Choose from black car services for couples, SUVs for family outings, or opt for one of our spacious executive vans for stylish group travel!

Upon Returning From your Cruise (Disembarking):

  • Collect Luggage, you may be assisted by a porter according to your preference.
  • Descend to street level via two elevators or the escalator located at the far end of the lobby.
  • Call 1-800-424-7767 by cell phone or pay phone to contact our Dispatcher.
  • The Dispatcher will advise you where to meet the driver.
  • Please board only vehicles clearly marked “GO Winston”.
  • Payments should only be made to the driver by credit card or cash in the vehicle itself.

Reservations are required for transportation to and from all cruise terminals with Winston Transportation Group.


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