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Green Initiatives are a Priority for the Winston Transportation Group

When it comes to energy conservation and green programs to help the planet, the Winston Transportation Group is stepping up to the plate while continuing to provide Green Certified Business​top-level ground transportation service to the traveling public.  Sharing a ride to the airport already is a planet-friendly activity, one of the greenest forms of transportation available in that it reduces gas consumption, lowers fuel emissions from individual automobiles and limits airport curb congestion. In addition, the Winston Transportation Group is using other creative techniques to reduce any negative impact that motorized vehicles can have on the environment. Our fleet of sedans get twice the MPG of our high-occupancy shuttles and mini coaches.  Operators have launched controlled idling, engine oil recycling and other vehicle-specific programs to reduce emissions as well as to save on fuel costs. Also, the Winston Transportation Group is conserving energy in its offices through controlled lighting and cooling to offset its overall carbon footprint.

“These demonstrate the seriousness of the Winston Transportation Group and its employees to contribute to green efforts as business owners as well as responsible citizens,” Michael Laschever, President of Winston Transportation Group.  “We all are committed to continue looking at ways to advance our green initiatives.”

Going Green for GoodHere are just some of the ways the Winston Transportation Group is “GOING GREEN”: Recycle old fuel oil to heat all of our facilities with specially installed “Cleanburn” fuel burners.  Recycle and recapturing our car wash water.  Every room is equipped with lite sensors that dim or brighten lites with motion.  Our old tires, batteries and computers are given to the appropriate outlets to be recycled.  Buy energy efficient office products and equipment such as energy-saving light bulbs. Buy green products for cleaning around our company. Use less paper.  Only print one copy of a report and distribute throughout the office if everyone needs to read it. Print only the emails that need to be kept as record. Forward as much email as possible. Recycle paper products including newspapers, magazines, printer paper and grocery or other bags. Allowing some employees to telecommute and telecompute from home one or two days a month. Driver work orders are emailed and paperless.  We no longer fax or mail confirmations to guests, all confirmations are emailed to guests.

Share-ride shuttles are the way to go; sharing a ride:

  • Is green (environmentally friendly), less air pollution.
  • Is economical, save money!
  • Reduces traffic congestion.
  • 54 percent fewer carbon emissions.
  • Shared-ride, door-to-door services are convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly with six people on board, a van uses only 30 percent of the fuel that six cars would use and creates 54 percent fewer carbon emissions.

The Winston Transportation Group’s green initiative plays an integral role in assisting the communities in which we serve, to decrease the carbon footprint across our community.  At the Winston Transportation Group we maintain the necessary green practices in conducting our day to day services, in order to support such changes.

The Winston Transportation Group also hopes to assist with the promotion of all initiatives that will lead to a positive global effect.



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